Procedural Listening

What Is Procedural Listening?

Procedural Listening employs a specifically tailored discipline of listening and documentation to ensure that all Stebnitz Builders associates hear and understand every detail discussed with a client. Research shows that during a typical conversation, people remember only 30 percent of what was said. This means that 70 percent of what was said is not retained. Procedural Listening teaches us to ask specific, relevant questions about your project and completely document your every response, every step of the way. At the beginning of your project, your responses are collected and thoughtfully reviewed. We work together with you to be sure that we have heard and understood your every wish. The end result is that we hear 100 percent of what you say and ensure that you are 100 percent satisfied.

Procedural Listening Outline

Procedural Listening is our proprietary method that ensures that all client communication is documented and distributed throughout the entire organization.

Procedural Listening | Stebnitz Builders in Delavan, Wisconsin



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